Ben Knows Best

I love words. I love that the right word, or collection of words put together, can carry incredible depth and meaning if you are open to it.  And I like to look at them. I think there is beauty in writing. Cheesy, yes, but it’s true.

A simple quote can somehow encapsulate the wandering thoughts of my mind, and often do so in an eloquent manner I can’t quite achieve myself.  Sometimes they are inspiring, they may be sad and insightful, comforting or even funny. Either way, I love them.  So last night, I was trying to fall asleep and I started scanning the “I love words” section of my Pinterest page and I came across this quote.
Reading and Writing

I don’t know when I pinned this but it was a long time ago. Seemed very serendipitous (one of my favorite words and also the inspiration for one of my favorite movies) in light of what I am trying to do here.

I hope this blog that I’m writing becomes something worth reading, and ironically enough, that will depend on whether or not I do something worth writing.


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